Become a Coast Builders Coalition Member

Join this effort to support and align private sector resources with efforts to build a resilient Gulf Coast.  This is a unique opportunity to enhance public and private sector collaboration, improve the environment for operating along the Gulf Coast and have a meaningful engagement with key federal, state and local officials as well as other non-governmental organizations.



Companies eligible for a full membership are those actively performing or seeking to perform coastal restoration and/or protection work along the Gulf Coast.  The Coast Builders Coalition also offers Associate Memberships.

To download a membership application, click here.

For a list of benefits of each membership level click here.

Member Benefits

GOVERNMENT LIAISON/ADVOCACY – Coast Builders serves as the leading spokesman for the restoration and protection industry along the Gulf Coast.  Coast Builders regularly engages with local, state and federal officials regarding legislation, regulations and policy impacting restoration and protection work along the Gulf Coast.

ACCESS – Coast Builders regularly arranges for its members to meet with local, state and federal officials and gain insight into policy and projects as well as share industry insight with these officials.

INTELLIGENCE – Coast Builders keeps its members informed of relevant policy, regulation, legislation and news and helps members identify developing trends, challenges and opportunities.

COLLABORATION – Coast Builders seeks opportunities to collaborate with government, universities and non-governmental organizations on matters relating to science and technology, program management, policy development and other relevant areas.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT – Membership in the Coast Builders Coalition provides important opportunities to enhance business connections.